Sattva–  “Purity,” “existence reality”

Arian  – suffix- “a believer or an advocate of something”

A person or creature can be called sattvatarian if his mind, speech and actions synchronize.

For food to be sattvatarian, it must be uncontaminated and should not spread evil or disease in the world. On the contrary its presence must purify the surroundings.  The food should be healthy, nutritious and clean. It should also not weaken the power or equilibrium of mind.

sattvatarian always works for the welfare of the world. He is always hardworking, alert and lives life moderately. He leads a chaste life. He eats moderately. He speaks the truth and is bold. He never uses vulgar or insulting language. He does not feel jealous nor is he affected by greed and selfishness. He does not cheat or mislead anyone. He does not even allow any evil tendencies to enter his mind. He has good memory and concentration. He also has keen interest in improving his spiritual knowledge.


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