holistic health counseling

How do you feel in your body? Its time to feel great!

When was the last time someone really listened to you talk about your health?

Health Counseling is about devoting time to you. My job as your health counselor is to provide you with a safe place of support in your journey to health. It’s not about making you more like me, it’s about making you like you.

I am delighted to offer a free first time consultation because I believe that we all benefit from dedicating time out of our busy schedule to draw focus on the self.

Here’s how it works…

By reviewing your health history we will clearly identify what you’ve been doing and what you would like to be doing.

My job is to support you in identifying how to take care of you by making healthy choices that are natural to your lifestyle.

Everyone knows how to be healthy, it’s the follow through that is lacking. Through consistent telephone counseling sessions, health counseling provides the accountability needed to make changes and the consistency to make those changes stick.

Your program is custom designed by us for you.

Have you been wanting to?
Improve your eating habits
Understand your body better
Make your self-care a priority
Feel confident in choosing and preparing better
food for you and your loved ones
Experience an increase in overall happiness 
in your life

In addition to telephone counseling sessions your program may include…
shopping lists
supermarket tours
meal plans
in-home cooking lessons
scheduling physical activity appointments
breathing exercises
a gentle nudge
a kick in the butt

We will get you setting and acting on small goals that will add up to big results.

email me at susanduprey@me.com to set up your free health history consultation!

In a balanced body outside stress has much less possibility of manifesting disease and suffering. It is my goal to assist you in creating an environment inside your body where you can begin to fully live in health. Health inside begins to radiate out creating prana, energy, spirit, and truth that thrives, creating a ripple effect spreading wellness throughout our world.

We don’t eat healthy to live longer, we eat healthy in order to elevate how we live.

to learn more… http://susanduprey.healthcoach.integrativenutrition.com/health-coaching

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