sattva cleanse


Are you feeling bloated, heavy, achy or exhausted?  Would you like to do a cleanse, but think it’s too hard to fit it into your busy life?

Do you believe that in just 24 hours you can be on your way to looking and feeling better than you have in your entire life!?!? Are you ready for a fresh start?

Most people postpone cleansing because they think they don’t have the time to do it and still work, take care of the kids, travel, and do all the other things that fill our everyday lives.

The truth is, it’s easy to do a great cleanse, and still go about your daily life. In fact, on this cleanse you will feel more energized with each day!  Plus, you will have the additional support of a certified holistic health counselor to walk you through your cleanse and teach you how to maintain the healthy “glow” long after you have finished cleansing!!

Flood your body with so many vitamins that it can detox safely and simply.

Sign up for Sattva Cleanse and receive EVERYTHING YOU NEED, including  juices, superfoods and herbs for immune and organ support, to  detoxify your body with this delicious and easy to do juice feast to see immediate results!

Sattva Cleanse consists of SIX delicious alkalizing 16 oz. un-pasteurized juices per day prepared just for you!

all juices are 100% RAW, VEGAN & ORGANIC.

local ingredients change with the seasons, served in glass mason jars.

if in the Miami area and interested in cleansing email me at for schedule & pricing


“Thank you so much for an amazing juice cleanse! It was easy and the juices were yummy, especially the sweet potato dinner juice. I really loved the variety and the amount of juices per day. They were filling and I had so much energy. Thanks also for the health consult and for the follow-up. When can I do it again? Sattva Cleanse rocks!”

“This juice fast was an introspectively wild ride! thank you susan, you are a true juice artist! i loved that each of the six daily blends was distinct and delicious, and none of them was overpowering- in fact they were all subtle. the very last drink on the last day (different from all the others) was the creamy cardamom nut milk! OMG i drank it slowly and with some kind of bittersweet nostalgia, since it signaled the finale of our detox program… can’t wait to do this every season!”

“I feel great, my skin feels amazing, and my hair glows.  It was so easy just to have my juice!  It was a great experience!! I always wanted to try it, and I am gad I did.”

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